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Diversity of Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera) in Sumber Clangap and Waduk Selorejo, East Java

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Fariska Nur Ashari Nur Rizatul Addiniyah


Eruption in Mount Kelud East Java has made a change to the environment and affected the population of butterflies living in local regions, such as water source, Sumber Clangap, and Waduk Selorejo. The purpose of this research was to analyze the diversity of butterflies, LepidopteraRhopalocera in the region of Sumber Clangap and Waduk Selorejo. The butterflies were collected by snapshot experiment and a sweeping technique, following with Belt transect line. Data were analyzed by means of the Shannon-Wiener diversity index. This present study identified four families, 22 species, and 68 individual butterflies. Nymphalidae was a family mostly found, while the species predominantly found was Ypthima sp. The highest diversity of butterfly found in Sumber Clangap (H' = 2.47) and apparently the presence of plantations, water, and host plants could connected to the diversity of butterfly. These sites should be conserved to maintain the survival of butterfly in a wildlife and to sustain the ecosystem in Sumber Clangap and Waduk Selorejo.

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