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Diversity of Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera) in Sumber Clangap and Waduk Selorejo, East Java

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Fariska Nur Ashari Nur Rizatul Addiniyah Hayyin Nurul Aini


Diversity of butterflies in various habitats very diverse, and it is one of them in the region Sumber Clangap
and Waduk Selorejo. It has seen from the combination of colors and which wing shape varies. In this, both
regions were chosen because it had been affected by Mount Kelud eruption, which causes damage to the
surrounding area. The purpose of this research is to know the diversity of butterflies (Lepidoptera:
Rhopalocera) in the region of Sumber Clangap and Waduk Selorejo, East Java. This research was
conducted on 26-29 January 2019. Sampling has taken by the method of Belt transect along the transect
path randomly with a technique snapshot experiment and a sweeping technique. Based on the
observations obtained 3 of the same family, Nymphalidae, Pieridae, and Papillionidae. The butterfly
diversity in Waduk Selorejo belongs to low, whereas in Sumber Clangap are classified by index Shannon-
Winner = 0.38 H ' and H ' = 2.47. Found eight types of butterflies from 3 families with a total of 13 species
and has a value of H ' =2.47.

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